Quick overview of Academiathlon

1st stage Swim and Rubik’s cube

  • Basically, any swimming styles are accepted (e.g. breath stroke and back stroke). In some races, Organizer has authority to limit the swimming style.
  • If the race is held in swimming pool, the Rubik’s cube should not be turned within 2 seconds after Academiathlete touches wall or floor.  In other words, Academiathlete cannot turn his cube while standing on the pool.

Academithlete switches his solved cube with unsolved cube


Academiahlete solves his cube by both hands

2nd stage: Bike and Blindfolded Rubik’s cube

  • Only stationary bike (e.g. exercise bike in gymnasium) should be used for the race. This is to consider the safety of Academiathlete and others.
  • The load setting of the stationary bike should be determined by Organizer.

Academiathlete memorizes his scrambled cube


Academiathlete solves his cube in the blindholded manner

3rd stage: Run and One-handed Rubik’s cube

  • Only running machine (e.g. treadmill) should be used for the race. Also, Academiathlete should support his/her body by one hand with the shoulder of running machine. This is to consider the safety of Academiathlete and others.

Academiathlete support his body by right hand


Academiathlete runs on treadmill.

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